Product Description

Light-Life® Unseen Venus Finger Ring; Like the primal Venus, in sterling silver but without the loop, creating a radiant field that promotes well being. To acknowledge the light is to have it grow and create an even larger field around you.

Ring sizes and half sizes are available from 3-15. Please specify your size in the shopping cart.     

Beautiful, simple, functional jewelry.     

The rings can be worn on any finger, but each finger has specific properties. The acupuncture meridians follow different fingers and end right at the end of the nail providing a conductivity. The energy properties are related to the meridians running through the fingers. Each metal will therefore have a slightly different effect depending on the finger.

The left hand stands for the past.
The right hand for the present and future.
The thumb represents the personal will.
The index finger represents your business or professional approach to life, enthusiasm and dedication.
The middle finger represents mental processes that would influence your career.
The ring finger is attached to the heart and emotions.
The little finger governs outside relationships – the connection to groups.

Copper when worn on the body is said to protect against evil, attract love, stir one from lethargy, revitalize the physical, activate the mind, purify and cleanse both mind and body, increase self esteem and free the wearer from mental stress! Copper creates a harmonic spiraling that grounds and calms and heals the body and auric field. Copper on the little fingers of both hands is worn as protection against psychic influences – it creates a ring fence of protection.

Silver tends to add a bit of sparkle and shine to the senses – a soft swelling of energy movement through the body and a sense of something being purified. Gives a lighter aspect to emotions – energy flows with no resistance. Creates a radiant field that promotes well being. Seems to carry a lunar female energy.

A combination of copper and silver creates a synergy of their qualities.