Product Description

This mixture of stones was specially selected to improve the immune system. The metaphysical properties of the stones included support healthy immunity.
This is not intended as a substitute for western medicine, it is based on energetic properties of the stones, which have not been scientifically analyzed. In the least, the stones can serve as a reminder that we are ready to accept the best into our lives.

This mix includes Bloodstone, Carnelian, Brown Jasper, Moukiate, Ruby in Zoisite, Green Calcite, Moss Agate, Blue Agate & Quartz.

Colors, Shapes and sizes of the stones will vary.

Some additional properties of these stones include the following:

Nurturing stone; provides support and tranquility in times of stress. Protective stone; clears negative energy and electromagnetic and environmental pollution. Enhances courage, quick thinking organization, and determination. Provides a sense of wholeness, stimulates the imagination, and transforms ideas into action.

Helps one to grow emotionally.  Flexibility, openness and faithfulness. Companionship, protection, ideas.

Solution stone – helps mind perceive alternative choices, possibilities and solutions which might otherwise elude you. Stone of joy in all of its colors and forms, which is symbolic of the many forms joy can take.

Focuses, amplifies, transmits, transforms, balances energy. Heals and expands on all levels. Helps us communicate with our higher selves.

Physical cleansing. Purifies blood. Brings harmony and self-confidence. Aids decision-making.

Stimulating. Helps ground and focus thoughts. Aids self-control, releases sorrow, envy, fear, anger. Stimulates creativity.

Stimulates analytical abilities and precision and brings out hidden talents. It can bring inspiration from the spirit world and promote fidelity.

Agate – Moss
Enhances strength, efficacy and self confidence and helps us see beauty in all. It supports communication with plants and minerals and promotes their growth. It has been used to attract favorable weather, wealth & speediness.

Stone of stability, brings tenacity, durability & endurance.  Balances emotions.

Ruby Zoisite
Stimulates psychic abilities, vehicle for reaching and utilizing talents and abilities of the mind.

For more information on the metaphysical properties of gemstones and crystal healing, see the stones section of our books page.

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