Product Description

There is a lot of laughter in our shop and when anyone is pondering in the area of Susan Mrosak’s cards, posters and book there is a lot of joy and laughter.



“Guilt promenades its rotund ass across my unusually broad shoulders, reveling in the ample room they provide. And instead of dissuading it with a jarring shrug, or even a disruptive twitch, I stand perfectly still…glad to be of assistance.”



Minimum purchase 6 cards – mixed selection is OK


You will find it very difficult to purchase only a few cards.


Purchase the first 10 at full price and receive 15% off the 11th-infinity cards on that order. 


Prior to charging -We will contact you, after you fill your secure cart, and give you the final cost for your approval.


Posters are available in 8X10 for $12 and 11X14 for $15