Product Description

Enjoy a one hour session of Healing Touch with Kelsey Herold.

Healing Touch is a biofield therapy that is an energy based approach to health and healing. It uses touch to influence the human energy system, specifically the energy field that surrounds the body, and the energy centers that control the energy flow from the energy field to the physical body. These non-invasive techniques that utilize the hands to clear, energize, and balance the human and environmental energy fields thus affecting physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and healing. It is based on a heart-centered caring relationship in which the practitioner and client come together enerstore harmony and balance in the energy system placing the client in a position to self heal. Healing Touch complements conventional health care and is used in collaboration with other approaches to health and healing. 

Kelsey is a registered yoga guide, dedicated mother, student of Healing Touch and Light Within Energy Medicine, and Light Bearer at Spirals.  She enjoys cooking healthy foods for her family and friends, dancing and singing at the top of her lungs, paddle boarding, bodies of water in all forms, frolicking in the forest, and being absolutely silly with little ones.  Completely fascinated by vibration and the healing power behind loving touch and heart centered intention, Kelsey aims to show others the deep healing relaxation that is possible behind the magic of our hands and hearts.  She plays with a combination of Healing Touch, Light Within, Guided Relaxation, Sound Healing, and Crystals to escort those who come to her to a place of balance and ease.  She offers deep gratitude to those she works with as it is a truly unique and beautiful experience each time.

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