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Heart Himalayan Salt Lamp


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Heart Himalayan Salt Lamp

Health Benefits:

This amazing Himalayan Salt Lamp helps stop asthma, sinus problems, snoring and headaches. the lamps work the same as an air purifier, killing bacteria, removing dust, allergens, smoke, odors and mold spores. They help one breathe and sleep better. They’re also a beautiful addition as a perfect night light creating a soothing, tranquil atmosphere.

How it Works:

Negative ions are produced naturally by thunderstorms, waterfalls and the ocean. That’s why we feel refreshed and energized when in these environments.  These salt crystals offer this same effect and benefits.

When the salt crystal rock is lighted and heats up, it emits negative ions. These ions clean the air by removing dust, pollen, dander, cigarette smoke and bacteria. they also offset the negative effects of electronic monitors, TV’s, and other electrical devices.


In stock


Heart Himalayan Salt Lamp

Congratulations on your potential purchase of a Natural Heart Himalayan Salt Lamp.  These hand carved salt products mined in the Himalayans, are not only beautiful but are thought to promote healthier living by cleansing the air that you breathe, removing pollens, helping clear cigarette smoke and generally creating a more peaceful environment.

Salt Lamps and Salt Tea Lights, when lit, are designed to generate negative ions and to naturally purify the air. The warmth of a low wattage bulb, or tea light candle, helps release the salt’s natural air cleansing properties.

Salt Lamps: The included bulb is generally designed to last for many hours of continuous use.  When changing the bulb, we suggest using a 7-15 watt candelabra based bulb depending on the size of the lamp and the desired lighting effect.  Unplug the lamp cord from the wall, remove the bulb assembly from the base of the lamp and carefully replace the bulb.  Reinsert the bulb assembly into the base of the lamp and then plug the cord back in.

Tea Lights: We have included a tea light to get you started.  As the tea light burns out it can be replaced with ordinary tea light candles.  When cooled, remove the burned out candle and replace.

Placement of your Salt Lamp or Salt Tea Light:  As Natural salt does have a tendency to “sweat” we suggest placing your lamp on a protected surface.  There is some residue that might come from the use of the product but that can be typically wiped lean with ordinary household products.  We suggest placing one in your bedroom, your children’s bedroom, your den, your kitchen and in your office.

Care for your Salt Lamps and Tea Lights:  One of the properties of Natural Salt amps is that they do absorb moisture from the air.  When used in artificially air-conditioned environment or in humid locales, the Salt Lamp may also show slight discoloration.  A light wipe with a damp cloth will remove the surface ‘corrosion’ and refresh the look of your item.  If left unlit for a period of time, the Salt Lamp may have a moist feel.  If so, you can wipe your Salt Lamp with a dry cloth to remove excess moisture.  Typically the warmth of the low wattage light bulb or lit candle will generally prevent the gradual accumulation of moisture through the process of evaporation.

If you store the lamp for prolonged periods of time and wish to avoid the accumulation of moisture, place the lamp in its box or in a plastic bag and place in a moisture free environment.

Approx 6.6 lbs.  Salt heart is 6″. Attached to a small wooden stand.