Communicate With the Energy Field

Learn how to tap into the infinite information held in the quantum energy field. In this playful, interactive small group, you will connect to your intuitive wisdom. Learn how to ignite shifts in your reality. Experience new perspectives. Connect to your life purpose. Explore the power of your story. This is perfect if you want to learn how to work with energy.

“Wow! Energy insights really do propel you forward from the inside-out. How remarkable.” Maggie

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call Spirals (509-682-2383) or write to Jeanne:

Jeanne McElvaney is the author of:

Light in the Shadows¬† ~ a novel that “Opens the reader to transforming their feelings and thoughts in a new dimension.” MPS
Ignite Changes Using Energy ~ a self-help book that empowers you to release old thinking and embrace the ‘magical’ feeling of working with the energy field.
Both available at Spirals.