Mayan Calendar – Red Cosmic Moon – 2018

///Mayan Calendar – Red Cosmic Moon – 2018
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Mayan Calendar – Red Cosmic Moon – 2018


Red Cosmic Moon 2018 Mayan Calendar

This year of the Red Cosmic Moon begins on Thursday, 7/26/18. It’s really beneficial to recognize the energy of the day to flow with ease and efficiency. This calendar help keep us informed with way more info than the Gregorian calendar does. This galactic calendar is based on 13 – 28 day cycles, a more harmonic way to measure our orbit around the sun.

Product Description

Red Cosmic Moon 2018

Our time on Earth is precious. Our time is our creative life-force. The actual nature of time is not linear, and cannot be fully realized within the blank squares of the ordinary 12-month calendar.

The true nature of time is a magical, flowing, 4th-dimensional order that synchronizes all moments, events and relations as a grand web of meaning. This Galactic Calendar enters us into conscious contact with this web of meaning, and expands our entire context of reality.

Follow along with the daily flow of Galactic energies and attune to the creative potential of each new day. Allow the harmonies of color, number and symbol to awaken your cosmic knowing, and infuse the magic into your life’s unfolding journey!

This calendar in your hands is a Portal to 4th-Dimensional Time! As a fun and easy to use tool, it offers advanced, galactic technology that is designed to accelerate our mental and spiritual evolution.

By acitivating these Time Codes in our lives, we are evolving our perceptions and transforming our world from the inside out! By aligning our consciousness with these harmonic frequencies of Natural Time, we are infusing the Galactic Code of Light into the Genetic Code o Life.

Ultimately, this calendar is a tool to help us fully realize our Cosmic Self. It is intended to synchronize the Personal, Planetary, and Galactic Mind. As we ever grow and transform, and awaken our multi-dimensional nature, we are heling Raise the Frequency on Planet Earth.


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