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MicroStimula Mk II 

     The MicroStimula Mark II is the result of 14 years of research. It is an amazing pocket sized device, which utilizes precisely calibrated electrical micro currents, biological frequencies and waveforms, to stimulate and revitalize cell production in animals and plants.  The MicroStimula Mark II not only includes the most recent biological frequencies but incorporates as well the newly discovered cat purr frequencies.  Both of which are known to heal devitalized and diseased cells. The origin of this device goes back to the ancient times of Hypocrates when physicians healed patients using lodestones. A lodestone was the name used to designate naturally occurring permanent magnets.  The basic principle behind the use of magnets in healing, resides with basic electromagnetic theory. When a permanent magnet is moved or displaced near a conductor or wire, the field of a magnet induces and generates minute electrical current in the conductor. Since animal or human blood and plant sap are saline solutions conductive to electricity, they are in effect the “Wire” in which the current is generated.  As Hyppocrates discovered, a magnet moved in close proximity to the human body or to the leaf of a plant, extremely small electrical currents are generated and circulate in this “conductor”.   MicroStimula Mark II has taken this discovery quantum leaps forward!  We now are utilizing state of the art computer technology and have developed a highly sensitive and specifically calibrated device, capable to assist in revitalizing unhealthy or devitalized cells. This is performed by stimulating the cell’s receptors which, upon receiving the stimulus, provide the electrical signal triggering the opening of the associated ion channel, ultimately enabling the cell to feed. An in-depth discussion on the properties of cellular stimulation under “Cell conciousness” or “The biology of belief” can be found on the site of cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton the discoverer of  the interactive mechanism of cellular stimulation. Proper stimulation requires extremely small amount of electrical current (a few micro amperes). Anything greater can negatively affect cells or disciossiate the blod. In this case the saying “if a little hammer works, a sledge hammer works better” is not only wrong but also detrimental.

    This is where the MicroStimula Mark II excels, it was conceived to provide specific and precisely calculated micro-current impulses. There are many such devices on the market but few meet these basic requirements and are either useless at best or can be harmful. Only a few meet the critera required to provide proper stimulation with the appropriate current and feedback mechanism required to penetrate organic tissues.

     Our latest research demonstrate that the MicroStimula MK II  assists in revitalization of diseased cells rather than destroying the cells.. Since this device has not yet been approved by the FDA for human use, we cannot recommend using the MicroStimula Mark II on humans.  This device can be used on the other hand, on animals or plants without harmful effects. 

    We are well aware that we cannot be held responsible for how the device is used by our customers once they have purchased it.

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We makes no claims regarding the results obtained with this experimental device.