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Ministerial Fire Natural Meridian Vitalizer


Ministerial Fire

Circulation/Sex and Triple Warmer

Joy/Love – Maintaining Balance in Life


{ Meridians }
Meridians are energy pathways that interface the outside of the body to the inside of the body. The
meridians are the most physical level of the three energy system levels, which consist of meridians,
chakras and auras. Meridians affect both the physical body and the energy body. The meridians
are closely linked to the nervous system and the nerve pathways that feed every organ and part of the
body, yet they also control the flow of chi in the etheric body. Balancing the meridians, balances the
whole body both the physical and the etheric body. We can balance the physical component of the
meridian chi with food and herbs and etheric component of the meridian chi with vibration such as
The meridian system is a closed system so if the energy ever gets blocked, one meridian will be under
energy and another will be over energy. This energy blockage is expressed as imbalance such as pain,
discomfort and disease in the body. A healthy body depends on maintaining all of these free-flowing
energy pathways.
Restoring balance and homeostasis is the concept supported by the Meridian Sound Essences. The
Meridian Sound Essences support the physical aspect of the meridian with the vibration of herbs and
supports the etheric aspect of the meridian with the vibration of sound. The magical effects of the
Meridian Sound Essences come from tapping into the dualistic nature of the meridians. The formulas
for theses essences balance the meridians with the homeopathic signature of the herb that resonates
with the intrinsic component of the chi and blend it with the sound vibration related to the specific
meridian that resonates with the extrinsic component of chi. The meridian is getting a complete
harmony of balanced vibration that promotes it in health and stability.