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Open to Gratitude


A delicious combination of Acupuncture, Restorative Yoga, Sound Healing, Essential Oils, and different energy healing modalities thoughtfully put together to support mind, body, and spirit to find joyful balance and gratitude.

Friday, November 17        5:00-6:30

$35 before November 15. Then $40.

Jennifer Campbell, L.Ac LMP
Kelsey Herold, 200 RYT



Opening to gratitude allows us to let go of past regrets and expectations of the future, enabling us to see the beauty of all experiences. We don’t need to wait until Thanksgiving to enjoy the benefits of gratitude practice, but it is a wonderful time to check in and see how it is flowing.

The benefits of this class are: Improved Sleep, Pain Relief, Stress Relief, Balance, Spiritual Awareness, Joy, Peace, and Increased Energy.


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