Product Description

The Light-Life® harmonizers create a donut shaped energetic light field with positive energy shooting out the top, sweeping around it, and pulling negative energy from the environment into its base to be transformed and released as positive energy through the top.

Harmonizers were designed to reduce electromagnetic interference, to clean air, and to improve the environment. Personal harmonizers were created to work on the level of the individual. The light-force energies of the harmonizers strengthen our own bio-fields and create a protective bubble around the body.

Unity Light-Life® Personal Harmonizer Gold Plated; ~ size of a quarter. The gold plated Unity Personal Harmonizer has 8 alternating layers of gold and silver. The Unity Light-Life® Personal Harmonizer is constructed with a Sacred Cubit Light-Life® Personal Harmonizer inside a Lost Cubit Light-Life® Personal Harmonizer on the outside. The Sacred Cubit Light-Life® seems to work with physical issues and the Lost Cubit Light-Life® working with the mental and emotional issues.

The Gold plated harmonizer is pictured on the left. The silver version is also available.

The light-force energies of the harmonizers strengthen our auras, and they seem to reduce the effects of electromagnetic energy, and perhaps also microwaves and cell phone radiation. Harmful waves can be transformed into to beneficial waves through a harmonizer.

People wearing personal harmonizers have reported enhancements in mood and well being and in the way others relate to them. Police officers have reported that while wearing personal harmonizers, the people they confronted were generally less angry and more reasonable with them. Paramedics reported that accident victims seemed more comfortable and less resistant to treatment when the paramedic was wearing a personal harmonizer.


Personal and environmental Harmonizers are handmade by our finest Craftsman, however they are very fragile. They are made from soft metals and can be easily uined without proper care. For the safety of your Harmonizer and children, please keep it in a safe place, as it could be a choking hazard. Some re-plating and minor damage may be fixed but carelessness usually results in ruin. We also reccommend you keep the Harmonizer away from water as it will eventually oxidize. We appreciate your business

Thank you, IX-EL Inc., Slim Spurling