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  • raku quail set

Raku Quail Set


Raku Quail Figurines (set of 2 parents & 2 babies)

One of the meanings and symbolism of these Raku quail may be to let you know that action is required right now in order to accompish your goal. You must move now before your opportunity has disappeared or before danger has over takes you. This bird can also be reminding you that you need to nourish your body as well as your soul in order to foster abundance. Taking care of yourself is a high priority right now. Giving to yourself is just as important as giving to others..

Alternatively this bird can also be letting you know that you need to protect yourself and your energy by laying low for a few days. When emotional upheaval and drama comes into your life – the best is to simply disengage and ignore the turbulence. It has nothing to do with you.

Quail Totem, Quail Spirit Animal

You are aware of your surroundings at all times and are usually the first to spot pitfalls and danger. You know how to respond to situations quickly and also how to camouflage yourself if need be. You tend to make socializing a priority in your life and thrive in group projects. You enjoy nurturing and giving, especially with family members. You are a romantic at heart. You also love a meaningful and difficult challenge.

Enjoy the reminders that these beautiful Raku Quail figurines give you.

For individual replacement pieces please give us a call. Small is $13, Large is $17.

Product Description

Raku Process

Set includes 2 large and 3 baby quail.

Each raku quail figurine is fired in an outdoor kiln to 2000 degrees F. It is then pulled from the red hot oven and plunged into a sand pit with wood shavings. The red hot vessel causes the shavings to ignite.  After the flames reach their maximum height, I cover the inferno with a metal drum.  The unique manner in which the fire burns each time creates the unique splashing of colors from the copper glaze on the Raku art piece. The intense change in temperature from the red hot kiln to the outdoor atmosphere shocks the glaze, causing cracks.  The smoke penetrates any unpainted parts of the ceramic art, turning it black.  The black lines in the crackle are from the smoke penetrating the fissures in the transparent glaze.

No two raku quails are alike

These Raku Quail figurines are made by hand will have minor variations in size and shape.  Due to the varying conditions of the Raku process, each piece is unique.  No piece will look exactly like the picture from the catalog or website.  The colors in copper matte vary and may include: copper, blue, silver, gold, magenta, green and brown.  Despite efforts to create the most beautiful Raku finishes possible, occasionally some items will arrive with minor imperfections such as small scars, specks, cracks or pin holes in the glaze.  These imperfections are unavoidable in the Raku process and add to the character and uniqueness of the Raku art piece.  Copper in the matte Raku glaze may react over time in the atmosphere and could slowly turn green. To best preserve the finish of these Raku Quail with copper based glazes, they should be kept in a dry environment and out of direct sunlight.


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