30 min =  $75               60 min = $150

Each soul personally encounters relational paradox and complexity to reconcile in this lifetime. All paradox is about weaving the disparate — and sometimes, hidden — threads of polarity back into the fabric of right relationship.

With your permission, my gift of intuition allows me to access both the seen and unseen realms to uncover the blocks that may be preventing you from realizing wholeness in relationship. Any relationship: Romantic. Platonic. Personal. Professional. Familial. Ancestral. Terrestrial. Celestial.

I see the past. The present. And the future. Whatever is needed to support you in finding clarity, insight and peace. I see you and believe in you. And I will unconditionally reflect the brightness and perfection of your highest self back to you, so that you remember your innate resources and power to access your birthright of freedom and joy in relationship.

Bottom line: the universe is co-conspiring to love you wide open. I’m just one human here to humbly help, so you can see you’re one step closer on the pathway home to your own heart.

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