Remote Energy Healing with Margene

///Remote Energy Healing with Margene
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Remote Energy Healing with Margene


Let Margene help you find and maintain your balance.  Rather than looking at what’s wrong, she asks your body what it would like to balance, link or just let go of to balance to its best at this moment.  Margene is an Accunet Practitioner / Aromatouch Technique Practitioner / Animal Communicator specializing in remote sessions, PTSD & rescue animals.

Once payment is made, Margene will call you to discuss any questions and schedule a time. $120 for the first session. Future sessions will be $90 per hour or $50 per 1/2 hour.

Call Spirals: 509-682-2383





Product Description

The main modality I use is Accunect.  Accunect is a revolutionary synthesis of ancient wisdom & modern science. The combination of acupuncture theory & applied kinesiology has been refined & distilled into a powerful, fast method that helps the body unlock its own natural ability to heal. 

I work with people and/or animals, including dogs, cats, horses, ??… I have found that by doing the sessions remotely, you can be relaxing at home (or even asleep) so that your body has time to really integrate the changes before you jump back into your “world”.  I just follow Innate’s lead on when to do the session, and then email the results to you afterwards. 

When I am working with an animal, I use Accunect along with Linking Awareness- nonverbal intercellular communication with any sentient being. Besides these two modalities, I have been trained in The Emotion Code, BodyTalk, AnimalTalk, Reiki, Sound Essences, and am now studying Sound Vibrational Therapy.  I also bring my life experiences, traumas & healings, to help your Innate see a way forward when necessary.

Margene Barr


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