All Pyramid units may assist in realigning and re-harmonizing the energetic matrix that goes through your entire physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy field and then through your body.

They may connect you with earth energy as well as improve the quality of soil over a period of time.

It is recommended that – unless you take it on your travels – you find a space in your home where you can leave the Pyramid unit. It seems to work its way throughout the home, room by room, and once the energy field of the home has been saturated, it continues outward to the neighborhood, community, and beyond.

The Unity Harmonizer

• Improve overall health and well-being
• Create harmony in yourself and the environment
• Strengthen immune system
• Enhance positive intentions
• Balance brain hemispheres
• Increase intuitive abilities
• Clear and balance chakras
• Rebalance chi
• Protect against picking up energies from other people
• Create a comfortable feeling for yourself around groups of people
• Encourage opening of the mind
• Support psychosomatic balance
• Strengthen your personal bio-field
• Positively affect you and people in your vicinity

– Gold plating amplifies energy and frequency and creates more change
– Assists in raising one’s vibrations, bringing light back into awareness, and overall harmony on a physical, mental, and emotional level

– A spiritual and physical connector which brings in one’s light energy and seems to allow a shift in one’s DNA

– Reduces feelings of negativity such as anxiety and hate and exchanges them with love and positivity