Product Description

We are so happy to have Michael back at Spirals.  Many of you will remember him over the past 13 years, so spread the work and call us for an appointment!  509-682-2383

Michael is a Traditional, intuitive healer. (Traditional meaning “the earliest human resource for enabling spiritual powers to earth – now called Holistic or Co-creative.) He has over sixty years of experience helping others live through structural emotional problems and disease. 

Michael has developed a rare sense of perspective about using this energetic resource we live within. He is one of the few who can allow it to be practical and understood for those in need. 

Michael has given a lifetime helping others; this has given so many the strengths needed to become more enlightened in all aspects of living. 

His powerful being lives through a special trust and Love. 

The key to Michael’s work as you read this website is TRUST. The meta principles Michael has taught and uses are built to create a avenue or flow of trust. Trust creates a connection to higher realms. Lack of trust does not. 

All the people who use Trust with Michael – regardless of their situation – are helped in some positive way. Michael feels them easily and this makes the connection powerful. These people support Michael and show little anxiety; love and respect are freely given and freely received.