Intuition isn’t a gift. It’s not a magical moment from another realm. It’s an insight that comes from the constant communication that is natural in the energy field. We become more intuitive as we practice listening. We become more intuitive as we trust what we hear.

Start with little things. Ask if a movie or a book will relax you more. Then feel the answer and respond. Italian or Mexican for dinner? Feel each option and respond. By starting with little choices and questions, you will learn how intuitive communication is expressed to you. You’ll gently experience a pattern of being empowered by the process without the fear of getting it wrong. You’ll get to practice turning down your logic to get uncommon answers from the energy field.

When you’re ready to trust your intuition with bigger questions in your life, write them down on small pieces of paper. Wad them up. Mix them until you don’t know what is written on each piece. Then, one at a time, hold each one in your hand and feel which is best for you. The energy field will ‘talk to you’ through the same physical sensation or emotional response that you experienced when you were practicing with little things.

Then you’re ready for the big step. Trust what you know! You’ll find your life blossoming in ways that celebrate your spirit when you do. Having an intuitive hit is one thing. Trusting it is the challenge. Letting it guide you opens the door to creating shifts in your life.

I’m often asked how you can be sure you’re having an intuitive hits. As you practice, you’ll start recognizing this knowledge comes from a different place. It’s immediate. It’s solid.

If it comes to you as a physical sensation, it will consistently talk to you in the same way. You might feel heavy or light. Maybe you’ll instinctively move forward or backward. Warmth or tingling might be the messenger.

If your intuition speaks to you through emotions or flashes of images, they will have a unique vividness. Come to you with sudden clarity. Feel out of the ordinary. They come in a bubble of certain knowing.

As you practice using your intuition, you can be sure the information is there for gentle encouragement. Intuition protects and empowers. It’s always a caring ally.

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Jeanne McElvaney – Energy Healer and Author

Image: Pixabay