Laura loves the Sound Essences for both her personal well-being and for expanding the benefits of her various classes.

“They bring shifts to our energetic body and that brings us into balance.”

Sound Essences are sprays that have been charged with sound waves from crystals, gems, positive affirmations, color, aromas sacred geometry, homeopathy, and symbols. These vibrations interact with both our energy body and physical body creating the healing balance that Laura has experienced and shared with others. Though invisible and pleasant to experience, they are powerful remedies.

Laura says they allow her to “self-treat myself. I’ve used them to alleviate anxiety and stress. They have a deeply calming effect.”

She likes that different options that are available. These include two sets for the chakras, the angelic, the meridians, and the auric field. It’s a very affordable way you can work with your own energy field or you can give it as a gift to empower someone else.

Laura often uses muscle testing or the pendulum to determine which one is best at any given time. It’s one of those Spirals’ experiences she loves sharing with those who come into the store.

Laura  is a practitioner at Spirals. She teaches Yoga, Exercise, Light Within, Healing Touch, Crystal Bowl Sound Baths with Sound Essences and Angel Card Readings.

Sound Essence sprays