If we choose to walk with others who are living in the dead-end corridors of unacknowledged anger, we become entangled in spite of all our good intentions. Their energy will grab our thoughts, kidnap our feelings, and color our beliefs. It will swirl into our personal energy field, bringing tangles and knots that will make it nearly impossible to move forward.

Anger isn’t a “bad” energy. When acknowledged, explored, understood, and appropriately expressed, it can be a road sign for change. A flash of anger will skip across the surface of our energy aura.

But long-term anger that took root in past circumstances and doesn’t recognize the layers of remaining emotional wounds is heavy and opaque. With muddy thinking, it obscures the bright colors of nearby personal spirits. Like a dark crayon, long-term, unresolved anger can easily eliminate the delicate colors drawn on a white page of personal happiness.

So even though we’d like to imagine the colors of optimism and positivity could change the picture being drawn in angry colors by others, it is not realistic. Each of us has our own life-journey coloring book. Our challenge is to not follow a maze of anger that is not ours because we have no power to transform it no matter how many smiles, hugs, conversations, and encouragement we offer.



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