When making changes using energy, there is no best route. We can’t follow the roads others have taken. It’s a far more inspiring, intriguing, and insightful journey than either of these.

Manifesting quantum change is much like planning to go to Florida but discovering the reality we were seeking is exquisitely, thoroughly found as we pass through Georgia. Our destination is different than we imagined because we couldn’t have planned all the intricacies that took us to the very best possible outcome.

In reality shifts, itineraries can be tossed and thinking big is a transcending ally. It helps us see beyond Old Thinking and worn expectations. It sends a message into the energy field that we intend to grow beyond meat and potatoes. We’re ready to experience new tastes and anticipate the rich desserts in a full menu of possibilities. Thinking big invites more choices in our journey of change.

Using our senses as guides can ensure a quantum shift. It will happen more quickly if we repeatedly use our five senses to rehearse the change we desire. We might see the library through the eyes of our changed self, smell the laundry soap, hear our phone ring, taste our coffee, and touch our hair as though we’re already in our new reality. These experiences link the change we want to the present moment, interrupting the energy connection that would give us more of the same.

You can’t map your change, but there will be signs along the way. You may notice a certain topic, word, or idea keeps popping up in conversations, movies, or books. An animal that catches your attention could be a spirit guide. Mistakes, accidents, and physical symptoms can give us insights. Choosing to be open to the signs and trusting the messages they bring is both fun and empowering.

Jeanne McElvaney, Author and Energy Healer

Image: Larisa-K