“What presence do I want to be aware of today?” I choose the activities that feel the most meaningful in my moments. Since I Am choosing to Be in Spirals today, I welcome the perfect guests that will benefit most from the energy of Spirals and those who bring insights for me in my journey.

These balancing connections empower the field of human kind. Each of us is downloading from source constantly, if only to maintain physical life. As we become more aware, our potential for flow increases. As we participate in the flow from Spirit, we send energy to the earth. We also emanate the Light of Source through our energy fields. As we connect with others, the matrix of light energy increases, bringing more love, joy, well-being, peace, power…..

So as we see each other, let’s take the opportunity to connect that essential and bright part of us that is Source, open the flow, expand our capacity through awareness, and BE LIGHT on this lovely planet. The energy of our Spiritual connection can shift humanity in a nanosecond. We, with our human minds, cannot even imagine the joyful alignment awaiting our earthly society as we learn to remember who we are and the love and light we are made of.

Be aware of your Blessed Moments on this day~~~Presence leads to Awareness leads to Gratitude.

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BeverLi, Co-Creator and Energetic Steward of Spirals

Image: JustThinkingScienceFreak