We sometimes get together with other people hoping their mood will elevate ours or, at least, soothe, energize, or distract us. In a way, we want to bring leftovers as our contribution to a potluck of friendships while hoping we’ll find apple pie feelings to fill our plates. Experience shows us it doesn’t work that way. Energy explains why it can’t.

When we show up for a buffet of conversations, we are drawn to moods that reflect what we brought with us. Our feelings and thoughts seek similar energy fields. If we feel on top of the world, energy dynamics will guide us to a lively group. If we’re feeling disgruntled, we are sure to find another person who has a list of complaints to share.

Remembering this can empowers us.

We don’t serve anyone by going somewhere or doing something we don’t want to do; we simply bring energy that doesn’t fit. If we aren’t inclined to join an activity, the energy we are feeling will arrive with us like a basket of bruised fruit even though we intend to share a fresh fruit salad.

We honor both ourselves and others by recognizing our feelings about joining a group. It’s okay to arrive subdued if quiet conversation is on the menu. If we are feeling as exuberant as the last day of school, we can join others who are ready to party. But we can’t ignore the way similar energies connect and hope others will change our mood.

Recognizing we bring the emotions that will determine the taste of our experience, we can make the best choice for everyone by taking care of our feelings.

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Jeanne McElvaney, Energy Healer and Author

Image: Geralt