Yoga Therapy is a unique transformational tool that can help you. Often, experiences are left unprocessed and stuck in the body, left as physical, mental or emotional blocks that can negatively affect one’s life. Yoga Therapy is a way to discover blocks in the body through gentle movement, supported postures. It gives time for these blocks to surface and unwind. It leaves you in a deeply relaxed state, and really, it can change your life.

How, you might ask?

When life’s experiences are left ‘undigested’ they become a lens in which one sees the world. By resolving these blocks one can clearly see life as it truly is instead of through mis-perceptions induced by the past.

Yoga Therapy can be used to search and discover blocks, or it can be used with known situations. You may already be aware of a block or are dealing with a challenging situation in life that is causing undue stress. Yoga Therapy is working from within, not trying to change external circumstances, although you may experience external circumstances effortlessly shifting after a Yoga Therapy session. A Yoga Therapy session can start from a known, or unknown block, it can be stated, or you can keep it to yourself. You may have something that you want to release or let go of, it could be grief from losing a loved one, or stress and frustration from work or family.

Whatever the cause, big or small, Yoga Therapy can bring a sense of relief and balance into your life.

Dedee M. Starcher

Experience an individual or group Yoga Therapy session with me, I am happy to assist you in your healing process.


Image: davidnagy