We care about you.  We love what we do and a large part of it is our joy to get to know you, to share and to listen.  We listen to what you have to share through your questions, concerns and ideas.  There are many areas of conversation like health, spiritualism, psychology, new technology and the oldest belief systems.  We enjoy the learning we receive and share.

We realize that no one solution works for everyone, so we enjoy researching a variety of different products, modalities of healing teachers, classes, books, tools, and extended teachings, even outside of our scope of practice.  We can assist you in finding what really works for you through the joy of taking the time to get to know you better.

The more people we listen to, really listen to, at a deep level, the more we can envision what it is that will be helpful for the ones that are courageous enough to speak out and ask for what they want.  Part of our site changes constantly, because technology and research creates new products that enhance or replace the existing products for the greater good of the consumer.  So as we continue to learn we continue to change.  Part of our site stays pretty consistent, these items and modalities have proven successful and are appreciated by so many.

We encourage you to let us know what it is that you are looking for or what you found that works for you.  If we don’t know the answer we will be happy to continue our own education to assist.

We appreciate your trust that we have earned, enabling you to share what it is that you are looking for.   We strive to provide the highest quality of information, products and services and it is truly our pleasure to share in the joy of you getting what it is that you are wanting.

Thank you for sharing at Spirals.

BeverLi, Crystal, Laura, Kelsey, Jeanne

Vision Statement

What We Will Do Knowing We Can Not Fail

With the highest honoring and appreciation to all sources guided by the light, we acknowledge and utilize the space and energy that exists for healing and wholeness of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies in the community.  The space is in constant abundance with liquid and invested resources to support all whom are vested to allow continual beginnings to graciously and infinitely continue.

Mission  Statement

A Light on Your Path Providing Tools of
Choice For Healing, Wholeness, and Balance.

Through offering merchandise, education and services Spirals supports the community, providing ways and means to balance physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.  At Spirals, it is our intention to be blessed with inner silence.  In the clear waters of our ocean of consciousness, each guest is invited to come to recognize him/herself with accurate perception. Our desire is that you may clearly see your perfection and divinity reflected in our eyes.

History of Spirals

Why is Spirals here?

We are Spiritual, Metaphysical, Loving Beings of Light.

Our passion is to emanate that love and light and assist others who have the desire for joy in their lives to achieve it. We do this in a variety of ways. Begin the journey with a beautifully trained staff, each bringing their own teaching / healing modality, skills and talents; each coming from their heart to assist you. They will be able to guide you to the Products, Classes and Services that best fulfil your desires.

We appreciate all our teachers.  Teachings from Barbara Marx Hubbard, Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti, Greg Braden, Deepok Chopra and so many others grace our history. These pioneers have created a way to bridge the highly spiritual practices to the mainstream of society. We all can benefit by letting go of old ideas and perceptions that no longer work and embracing a new way of responding to ourselves and others with love and compassion.

The healing practices we offer are based on ancient wisdom blended with new insight and understanding.  We appreciate being certified in Healing Touch, the first energy modality accepted by AMA for use in hospitals.  Learning EFT from Gary Craig, Carol Look and Sophia Cayer so long ago was a great beginning to where the practice of EFT is taking us to assist people.

Finding energy tools that we resonate with is always a highlight.  Long time masters such as Slim Spurling with Light Life Tools, Rife, David Sereda with Light Stream Tools and others have created a foundation of tools to assist us to hold a higher frequency of energy so we can create this next step in our evolution. We are always collecting new technology and love you to tell us about new ones we haven’t found yet.

The products we offer are graceful expressions of the passion of local artists as well as those around the world. Choosing unique and exquisite gift options for you is another of our favorite parts of being transmitters of the energy of Spirals. The colors, aromas, textures and sound supply an option to remember the higher frequencies that may be experienced in shopping at Spirals.



Best friends sat in a coffee shop in Port Townsend on a little week-end outing.  It was January of 2003. BeverLi had just quit a job she loved because change felt more important than comfort. Something in her was exploding faster than she could keep up with while remaining in a static position.  Patti loved new thought, expanded ideas, living on the cutting edge of spirit and technology.  She also was feeling there was another step ready to be taken.

Their home town of Chelan, WA was considered by most to be somewhat conservative.  Travel was necessary if they were to have the good fortune of meeting with like-minds, to join seminars, workshops, learn new healing techniques , become involved in complementary medicine and find progressive thinkers.  Chelan was blessed to have several massage therapists, but most were pretty hidden away at that time.  There was one new Yoga instructor.  Yoga was little known and considered ‘out there’.  Acupuncture was just testing the waters.

The coffee was great, the morning peaceful, as BeverLi & Patti prepared to go next door to a fun little shop they like to visit to see what was new. Tarot cards, stones, products and ideas from other lands, cultures and teachers were tucked inside the storefront.  It was always fun for them to find a treasure.

It was an odd, maybe a little magical moment. Patti & BeverLi looked at each other over their empty cups.  Neither can remember who said it first. But the thought struck like thunder and lightening at the same time.  “WE could do THIS in Chelan”!  And what did ‘THIS’ even mean?  They didn’t have a clue, except, that they both were prepared to take their next step and they both said YES, in that moment, to creating their heart’s desires.

The seed was planted, the embryo grew with endless hours of dreaming and honing, peeking to see what those desires even looked like.  Patti’s left brain began researching, doing the numbers, developing the business plan, while BeverLi saw the colors, imagined introducing new sounds to the valley, played with textiles and crystals.  Retail ownership was not in their bags of experience, but the mantras of Potential Plus, Infinite Possibilities, Joy & Freedom were.  Their purpose was to create a space to provide their mission to the community.  The most ancient symbol known to man was a Spiral, symbolizing new birth, expansion, eternal movement in both directions.  They each had been in resonance with that symbol and it naturally developed into the name of what they would build.

In the next 3 months the ladies were encouraged by a variety of people to continue their dream and were told that the community would support them.  It was a surprise to know how many like minded people were in this small conservative town that had not had the opportunity to get together.  At one point 13 community members that were in leadership positions gathered for a mind-mapping session to explore what services and products Spirals could bring that would benefit the community.  The result was a delightful mix that created a platform on which to build the business – the energetic vortex, which is Spirals. Their new creation, Spirals, was to become known as “a light on your path, allowing for the recognition of your own divinity.”

On Earth Day, April 21, 2003 Spirals opened its doors.  World-renown harpist, Ani Williams, performed a well-attended concert at Historical Ruby Theatre as our first gift and offering to the Community.  In the past  years 100’s of Alternative Healing Technique classes and certifications, guest healing specialists, authors, activities and teachers have graced the space of Spirals.  In 2006 the location was moved from 118 N Sanders to 215 E Woodin, substantially increasing retail space and healing rooms.  Samu* (our ‘Zen Master’) joined us in 2009. In 2014 the wall came down and Spirals doubled its space again.  Patti’s physical involvement decreased with her retirement in 2015, but she is forever a stable constituent of the energy of Spirals.

The dream is fulfilled moment by moment, guest by guest, teacher by teacher, interaction by interaction. Each one is a part of the vision, to continue to open to ourselves, see our own divinity, and emanate the light that we are onto the planet.

BeverLi and Patti , Crystal, Laura, Kelsey, Samu* and all those who work with us are in gratitude for you.  You are loved.



March, 2019

It is with sad, but very grateful hearts that we let go of having both Patti and Samu in our physical presence.
Missions Elegantly and Perfectly Completed
Patti transitioned during the Full Moon in January.
Samu followed during the next Moon.
Patti and I became best friends back in the early 90’s when she worked with my husband at Chelan Vision Clinic. When we closed the clinic there was a window of opportunity that opened.


Patti and I dreamt up Spirals together in 2003 while sitting in a coffee shop. Our vision was to create a space that could assist guests to find a light on their path to self-discovery. Four months later we were open “on a borrowed shoe string”, a very kind landlord and the best ideas and wishes from a community of like-minded folks. After a mind-mapping meeting of 13 individuals we had a beautiful list of the desires of the community and we sat out to fulfill them.


Fitting with our goals to empower others, together we enjoyed hosting more than 100 events and classes during the first 3 years while we were on Saunders Street. These events allowed members of the community to become certified in different healing modalities and enjoy mind-opening experiences and thoughts. Our whimsical tag line was “1/2 block from the light to unblock the light.”


We were happy to have the opportunity to move onto Woodin Avenue in 2006….maintaining the ability to keep our little tag-line that was so important to us in the beginning. We maintained the ability to have workshops by renting the space in the gym next door, and by 2014 when it was time to expand, that space felt like the perfect avenue.
Patti brought incredible vision to the forefront with her capacity to see the whole picture, to leave no one out, to bring variety of personalities and backgrounds to a single space of oneness. Thank goodness for her keen left brain that reeled me in so many times so that we were able to stay present and in business!
She was an incredible practitioner with Healing Touch and Emotional Freedom Techniques. She brought laughter to the intrepid souls that aspired to have one of her sessions by heading “to the back to get the dead chicken”.  One never knew for sure where she was coming from….but we knew under all of it was a heart of gold ready to bring the client to the next step of relief they had chosen.


Samu came to the scene of Spirals when he was 5 weeks old. He was ‘missing in action’ more than once, being found sleeping in the amethyst geodde in the window, curled inside a tensor ring somewhere, and even once tucked inside the ring case, right up front. He knew where the energy spots were!


In his 10 years at Spirals he NEVER broke anything, and he delighted 1000’s of guests.  He would saunter out of the office without a seeming thought, walk up to the first unsuspecting guest, FLOP over on his back and PROVE his perception that people are trust-worthy, kind, gentle beings when given the honor and space to be present within themselves.  He brought us to the present.


Both Samu and Patti shared their love with us and accepted ours.  As Patti always said, “I’ll see you in the particles.” Energy does not end, and it is simply up to us to maintain the conscious connection within ourselves that is one with all.


We love you Patti. We love you Samu. We thank you both for being a huge energy in our lives and Spirals.