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Wildlife Jewelry | Handcrafted Necklaces

Discover how nature can express itself in new ways through creations for honor and adornment.  Scroll down to check out our beautiful selection of wildlife jewelry in the form of handcrafted necklaces.

About the Artist & Creator of Wildlife Jewelry:

My name is Tara Paon and I am native to Canada. I have been blessed to travel and create with natural materials from a young age. During my 29 years on this beautiful planet I have travelled Europe and lived all over the North Americas. These experiences have taught me who I am, different cultures and shown me what my passions are. I feel in this life, home is where my heart and my art is. By not establishing the typical “home” roots or staying anywhere too long, my spirit, energy levels and creativity are at an all time high. I show my culture and my journey in everyone of my handcrafted necklaces. Through my experiences I’ve been taught where to find natural materials, how to work with it and importantly how to respect it. No animals, plants or otherwise are harmed, farmed or misused in the making of my art, this is my honest 100% guarantee.