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Eco Friendly & Fair Trade Fossilized Leaf Lamps

Lighting made from chocolate?!  Not quite, but the cocoa leaves used for these leaf lamps are collected from the same plant from which chocolate is made.  After a process called fossilization, the leaf is dyed with non-toxic, non-corrosive dye to create the desired color.  Only the leaves that remain fully intact are used on the lamps along with other sustainable, eco friendly materials.  These beautiful leaf lamps are eco friendly being composed of renewable and/or recycled materials with food based dyes and low impact finishes.   All products are fair trade –  employees have access to a dignified working environment, living wages, healthcare, continuing education, & quality housing.  Besides the true beauty found in these pieces, you can feel good about your purchase as well.  Focusing on unique designs all is a collaboration of this wonderful company’s experience and the creative minds of the artisans that they work with.

***With the present shipping crisis these lamps may only be pre-ordered by phone.  We do have a few in stock in our shop, so it is possible that it will be available to you immediately.  Otherwise, the wait time has been up to 8 months.  They are worth it, but we just want you to know in advance what the situation is. Give me a call and I’m happy to send photos of what we have in stock. 509-682-2383