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Windstone Fantasy Statues by Michelle Pena

These Windstone fantasy statues are cast from exquisite sculptures by M. Peña, the detail shows the love and care put into each piece.   Her work was inspired by her lifelong study of animal behavior and anatomy.  After founding Windstone Editions in 1985 her talent quickly became recognized worldwide as a defining force in the fantasy art market and continues to set the standard for originality, detail, and quality.  All of the materials used to create the statues are all selected for the ultimate in quality, regardless of cost.  Windstone is a small family owned business with no offshore production.   We offer a large variety of these unique creatures: dragons, cats, unicorns, owls, griffins, and more.  Each statue symbolizes a different energy that will be a wonderful addition to any home or work space.  They are collectors items as they retire.  Take care of, love, and enjoy your fine creation!  Which one suits you best?!