This amber piece is textured and beautiful, with many, many bugs included. It measures approximately 6 inches in length.


Amber is a fossilized resin and is usually golden to yellow-brown in colour. Some amber has been found to contain red, blue, or green hues.
Amber allows the body to heal itself by absorbing and transmuting negative energy into positive energy. It emits a sunny and bright soothing energy, which helps to calm nerves and to enliven the disposition.
The different colours of amber may be used on the appropriate chakras to facilitate opening and cleansing.
It is a stone dedicated to connection of the conscious self to universal perfection. It helps one in the art of manifestation to bring, that which is desired to the state of reality. It stimulates the intellect and opens the crown chakra. It also transmutes the energy of physical vitality toward the activation of unconditional love.
Amber provides an energy to kindle the realization and subsequent response of choice, helping one to choose and to be chosen.
It has been used as a symbol for renewal of marriage vows and to assure promises. It has been said to bring good luck to warriors.
It is a sacred stone to both the Native American and Eastern Indians. It has also been used in the fire ceremonies of ancient tribal healers. It was burned, beginning in the medieval days, as a fumigant and as an incense to clear the environment of negativity.
It is said to have been one of the stones used in the breastplate of the high priest.
It aligns the ethereal energies to the physical, mental, and emotional bodies, providing for an even flow of perfect order to the requirements of the Earth plane while balancing the electro-magnetics of the physical body.
It cleans the environment in which it rests and is an excellent mineral for use in purifying birthing and re-birthing rooms. It also acts to purify ones body, mind, and spirit when worn, carried, or used as an elixir.
It has been used in the treatment of goiter and other dis-eases of the throat. It has also been successful in the treatment of disorders of the kidneys and bladder. In ancient times it was used as a penicillin-type remedy, ground and ingested or soaked {as in an elixir} and subsequently drunk.
From “Love is in The Earth” by Melody