Product Description

Signs, Omens & Messages in Nature

Uncover the Hidden Mysteries of Nature
The scent of pine swirls around us as we step out the door. The flash of a yellow daisy catches our eye in the grass. We spot a tiny flower blooding among dead brush and brambles. We dream of journeying through the desert. We have a vision in which we walk through an opening in an oak tree to another world. A strom rolls in every time we start a new project. A part of us knows that these experiences have meaning, but is Nature truly speaking to us?
Nature is the most powerful realm of magic and spirituality upon the Earth. IT is the source of primal energies and great spirits. It is an initiatory path, and within it are most of life’s lessons and most of life’s answers. There are teachings about life, death and rebirth. There are teachings of creativity and the development of survival skills. Within it are doorways ot other realms and dimensions and to a myriad of wonders along the way.
Nature-Speak is to the plant kingdom what Animal-Speak and Animal-Wise are to the animal kingdom!

-Learn to read signs and omens
-Interpret landscapes
-Find answers through nature
-Enhance spirit contact
-Discover how Nature speaks
-Open magic of the seasons
-Change climate of your life
-Empower your life

Explore the lessons & meanings of the plant kingdom through dictionaries of landscapes, trees, flowers, herbs & more!
Learning to read the signs and messages of Nature is one of the easiest and most rewarding of the spiritual and divinatory arts and Nature-Speak teaches this ability. By learning the language of Nature, you will begin to understand what and why things are happening in your life. Nature’s messages will help you solve problems. They will help you to be more creative and to make better decisions and choices. They can even reveal your future possibilities. And in the process, you will re-discover your greatest potentials and your greatest magic.