Aromatherapy for Anxiety | Smelling Salts

///Aromatherapy for Anxiety | Smelling Salts
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Aromatherapy for Anxiety | Smelling Salts


Aromatherapy Smelling Salts & Inhalers

Smelling salts are a fun and functional way to get your essential oil therapy.  These handy little bottles of powerful scents last an amazingly long time!  I have some that are over three years old and still potent!

All of the same wonderful blends you’ve come to love in smelling salts version are now also available as inhalers.  Aroma sticks they are called by some…if you are old enough you may remember the old Vicks inhalers. These are the same concept–they just smell better!

You’ll want to share these little gems with friends….

ANXIETY RELIEF – I find this combo to be especially helpful when I’m feeling overwhelmed and thus unable to function effectively.  Just a few deep inhalations of this blend and I can feel my shoulders unfurl and my stomach unclench.  Helps us re-gain control when we feel control is slip sliding away.

Product Description

Aromatherapy for Anxiety | Smelling Salts | Anxiety Relief

Smelling Salts – Aromatherapy for anxiety: remove cap and breathe deeply!  Made with nothing but pure essential oils and rock salts. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.

Made by J Gecko Herbals


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