Chakra Balancers, Semi-Tone Mist Sets

///Chakra Balancers, Semi-Tone Mist Sets

Chakra Balancers, Semi-Tone Mist Sets


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The 5 semi-tones bridge the 7 major chakras.  Located at the transitional aspects of the spine, these semitones complete the chakra system.

These half tones are indispensable during extreme transitional aspects of life such as birthing, individuation, finding one’s life path, awakening spiritual consciousness and the finish of the cycle.

experience the sense of emotional fulfillment when you sing your song with a full scale of notes.

Sacra Chakra semitone C#

Solar Plexus Chakra semitone E flat

Throat Chakra semitone G#

Heart Chakra semitone F#

Brow Chakra semitone B flat

This set also comes with the Root C and the Crown B

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