Chakra Balancer Sets

Chakra Balancer Sets


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Chakras Balance your Emotions

The Chakras relate to the 7 senses: aroma, taste, sight, touch, sound, color/light and thought.

The senses discern incoming information and direct it to the chakras for emotional processing. When the Chakras are balanced, the world we live in supports us in every way.

Bring balance and relaxed emotional wellness to each aspect of your life.

This set includes seven, 15 ml sprays, one for each Full Note Chakra.

Root Chakra – Note C -$12

Sacral Chakra – Note D -$12

Solar Plexus Chakra – Note E -$12

Heart Chakra – Note F -$12

Throat Chakra – Note G -$12

Brow Chakra – Note A -$12

Crown Chakra – Note B -$12

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