Chakra Balancer Sets

Chakra Balancer Sets


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Chakras Balance your Emotions

The Chakras relate to the 7 senses: aroma, taste, sight, touch, sound, color/light and thought.

The senses discern incoming information and direct it to the chakras for emotional processing. When the Chakras are balanced, the world we live in supports us in every way.

Bring balance and relaxed emotional wellness to each aspect of your life.

This set includes seven, 15 ml sprays, one for each Full Note Chakra.

Root Chakra – Note C -$12

Sacral Chakra – Note D -$12

Solar Plexus Chakra – Note E -$12

Heart Chakra – Note F -$12

Throat Chakra – Note G -$12

Brow Chakra – Note A -$12

Crown Chakra – Note B -$12


Balancing the Chakras with Mist

When do I use these sprays? Sometimes when things are feeling a litte ‘off’ and I’m just not sure what’s going on or why, I can steal myself away from the situation, breathe, and ask for insight.  At that time, often I realize that it is actually me that is ‘off’ more than the situation.  One way to use the sprays is to use a pendulum and ask which chakra is compromised and needs assistance.  The pendulum can swing over the chart that comes with the set or over the sprays themselves. Once identified, the priority spray is used.  More than one may present itself, or one may just do the job.  You may surprise yourself.

And even when I feel my chakras are balanced and things are going perfectly, I’ll spray them in a gratitude ritual, stating how well the energy of each chakra has opened my life to fullness.

The energy in the mists help to clear and energize the energy field to allow flow and balance.

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