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Clear Phantom Quartz Crystal Point 0.475 kg


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Phantom Quartz

Using this phantom quartz in your meditation routines can be beneficial in guiding us to finding resolutions with our past problems and aid us in letting go so that we may grow into the best versions of ourselves.

Phantom Quartz is bringing clarity to your journey and allowing for growth. We can reflect on the past and let ourselves be guided forward through transition.  As one gazes into this stone of transition,  stress, anxiety, fear can be relieved during those major shifts in life. Allow the movement through the growing pains and move forward with the calming, motivating energy of phantom quartz.

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Phantom quartz

Phantom quartz is a variety of quartz rock crystal that is formed over a pre-existing crystal.

This happens when a crystal stops growing and during that time cave dust or other minerals settle on the crystal. After a period of time, the crystal begins to grow again leaving ghost like or “phantom” of the original crystal. Different phantom crystals may hold slightly different healing properties based on the material of the original crystal. Much like the rings on a tree, these phantom crystals are a reminder of personal growth and overcoming obstacles.

Phantom quartz crystals are considered to be a “power crystal” due to the fuse of the different minerals, and are known to be a very powerful energy cleanser. The healing properties of these crystals include encouragement to reach beyond your “limitations”, stimulating inner growth and exploring past lives and reincarnation.