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Double, Double Sided Sacred Geometry Silver Vortex Ring


 Vortex Ring

Wearing this Sacred Geometry Vortex ring aims to help us attune ourselves to the power invoked by the sacred words & forms by restoring the balance of energy & to flush out negative energy.

Below is a very short explanation of symbols included in this ring.  There are 4 main symbols on different parts of the ring. Please do a little further research to find the reasons why this ring is resonating with you.

Seed of Life – 7 Circles representing the seeds of all Creation

Flower of Life – Symbolizes all Creation as a unified whole…We are all built from the same blueprint.


Mer – Light

Ka – Spirit

Ba – Body

A Merkaba is made from 2 intersecting tetrahedrons spinning opposite directions, creating a 3-dimensional energy field.

Provides protection and transportation to other dimensions.

Takarangi – Maori Double Spiral of Creation

Taka – Rotation, Revolution

Rangi – Heavenly, Celestial

The spiral lines represent Sky Father and Earth Mother and the close bond they share.

The space between the 2 spirals symbolizes the world of Light and Knowledge

A symbol of light and dark,

Physical and Spiritual,

Growth and Decay.

As one grows

Another fades away.

When Ranginui (Mother Earth)

Was separated from Papatuanuku (Father Sky),

The light came in

And Te Ao Marama (the World of Light and Knowledge)

Came to be.

This represents humanity’s celestial origin born at the beginning of the universe.

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Vortex Ring

Please allow around 4 weeks for the making of this ring.  You must put the size that you would like in the comment section.  If you forget you can expect a call or email from me.  We want to make sure it fits the perfect finger that you would like to wear this energy tool on.  See explanations of the energy of each finger on Laura’s Insight on Fingerology

You may think this ring looks uncomfortable….I thought the same thing, but once I tried it on I could not let go of the desire to wear it. I’ve had mine for awhile now. I do not sleep in it or garden with it on but I do love wearing it all day at work, while I do Integrative Energy Sessions with clients and when I go out for the evening. It can be worn with either the Seed of Life or Flower of Life showing, and the Merkaba and Double Spiral is always toward the body.  I LOVE mine!



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