Five Elements Bronze Wall Hangings by Ann Zeleny

///Five Elements Bronze Wall Hangings by Ann Zeleny

Five Elements Bronze Wall Hangings by Ann Zeleny


Five Elements

The Five Elements wall hangings are designed to flow together in harmony when placed in a grouping as shown, each plaque is itself a compelling work of art. They are made of cold cast bronze.

Water, Air, fire and Earth were identified by ancient peopes all over the world as the essential building blocks of physical existence.

Water – Healing. Peace. Love. Joy

Water is depicted here in a lively female form emerging from the primordial sea, toasting the moon with her goblet. She leaps joyfully in the waves of emotion beneath the creasent moon, a chalice of healing elixir clasped in her upraised hand.  She flows gracefully from one current of feeling to another, at peace with her inner life.

Air – Change. Wisdom. Movement. Song.

Air is imagined as a winged male form, at one with the currents of the wind, cutting through the clouds like the sound of his pan pipes will cut through silence.

Fire – Creation. Challenge. Cleansing. Passion

Fire is pictured as a youthful male form rising from flames, empowered by the sun to transform and energize with his both of lightening. Fire dances passionately in the heat of the flame and the noon day sun. Grasping the lightening spark of creative inspiration, he is ready to overcome the cleansing challenge of loss that accompanies dramatic change.

Earth – Contentment. Nurturing. Family. Abundance.

Earth is potrayed in a pregnant female form, part of the rolling landscape, providing shelter and bringing forth vegetation. Earth luxuriates in the fulfillment of abundance, growth, and fertility.  Content, she basks in the glow of moonlight, her loving family of human, animal, and plant life nestled in her nurturing embrace.

Spirit – All Life emerges from the Center

As in many traditions there is a fifth element: the Divine Origin, an intangible that defies depiction. Here it is central to the others; symbolized by a simple egg-shape, like th most ancient Hindu representation of the formless aspect of God, it spins forth, the four tangible elements we know so well.  Spirit emerges from the swirling vortex of four elements; a seed, a Shiva lingam, an omphalos (ancient Greek sacred stone), a world, a galaxy, a soul, the divine.  Life, death, rebirth, all life, all creation, all time are symbolized here.

(descriptions by Ann Zeleny)

Product Description

Five Elements

The Five Elements wall hangings dimensions are 8 1/4″ x 5 3/4″ and Spirit is 5 3/4″ x 5 3/4″.

About the Artist: Ann Zeleny!

The lovely and fascinating Ann Zeleny began her career sculpting architectural ornaments incorporating historical motifs like the green man and the cornucopia.  Now she creates original sculptures using archetypal forms to express her themes. A multi-media artist, she is also a musician, fiber crafts artist, and even a designer/creator of edible sculpture.

Her thoughts: “I believe that provoking a viewer to experience beatury is reason enough for a thing to exist. So…I relentlessly work to refine a flowing harmony of lines, shapes and colors.


These plaques may be placed together in any room or over an alter as a reminder to flow with all the elements.

They may also be separated to the directions of the elements, placing them in the corners of the home that relate to the element:

NW: Wind

NE: Water

SE: Fire

SW: Earth

Center: Spirit

One building contractor that I know places them in the correct corners of the foundations of the homes he builds. Use your own guidance as to how you enjoy these beautiful pieces of art.

Purchase Separately

If you prefer to choose fewer elements than the whole set, they may be purchased individually at $60 each.  Please give us a call to purchase singles. 509-682-2383.


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