Heart Tones Vibrational Mist – Passion

///Heart Tones Vibrational Mist – Passion

Heart Tones Vibrational Mist – Passion


Passion Heart Tones Vibrational Mist

This Passion Vibrational Mist brings Acceptance, Enthusiasm & Freedom ~ a symphony of vibration in a bottle.

Mist the Sound Essence Archangel Metatron Blessing and state:

  • I embrace my life experiences
  • I am available and present
  • I lighten up and let go.

Passion is a remedy for lightening up and letting go. Embracing what is, even when it’s painful, can lead to an exquisite experience of ecstasy. It guides us to a place of being fully alive in the moment.

Passion invites us to relinquish control and release tensizon, allowing us to express ourselves freely and easily to experience the magic of this moment, right here, right now.

An excellent remedy for releasing past grievances and not worrying about the future, it helps us to experience ourselves and our world as this moment is the only moment there truly is.

Passion helps manifest and execute goals, offering the ability to translate goals and ideas into concrete action and viable activities.

Shift your frequency with a blend of flowers, sound, colour, crytals and aroma by misting your energy field with this Sound Essence.

Product Description

What are Heart Tone  Vibrational Mist Sound Essences?


Heart Tones are created with Alchemy crystal bowls, Jewelled water, Fairy Essences from Ireland and Flower Essences from England and Canada. The purpose of Heart Tones Sound Essence Vibrational Remedies is to open the heart to let the light shine up to the pineal gland to help shift consciousness.

Heart Tones are the fourth dimensional link. These remedies support the 4th Dimension, bridging our three dimensional Self to the fifth dimension of Archangels.
They are the next step after the Meridians Vitalizers, Chakra Balancers and Aura Harmonizers because they set up the Heart to receive the ultimate vibration of the Archangel Blessings.
60 ml
I felt the expansion in my heart and a sensation of lightness with the idea that anything was possible.


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