Introducing Norma NormaL by Zachary Robertson

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Introducing Norma NormaL by Zachary Robertson


Introducing Norma NormaL

This book is about a very unique child who has not lost her wild spirit, and nurtures the wilderness around her.   The caution on the cover says it all: Warning, This book includes, Running around naked, Eating bugs, and Caring for the planet.  If read, it may result in a new sense of NormaL.”

Norma NormaL can help parents and children broach subjects of environmental stewardship and to talk about the wild parts that live within them. 

Reading this, may make your life more interesting and improve your capacity to behave “outside the box”, and inside the ecosystem.
Expected release date, end of October.  Enjoy this Introductory pre-sale price of $20 until 10/15.  Yes, the regular price will also be $20, but act now and also get a bag of Organic Honey Crisp apples picked and dried with love by the author.


Author, Zachary Robertson

Zac’s childhood was very free.  He spent his time exploring his instincts and trying to fit himself to the natural world, even when he was surrounded by houses, lawns, and more than a few confused neighbors.  Since then, his curiosity has continued to grow.

Whether he is nurturing local food systems, creating home for his son in a communal setting, learning to meet his needs through primitive/ancestral skills, or producing events that question how we relate with our bodies in society, Zac still finds opportunities to have to explain things to his neighbors.