Inside The Secret of Quantum Living you will learn to:
-Heal physical and emotional pain in seconds
-Dissolve the stress of financial worries
-Build lasting relationships
-Improve athletic performance
-Teach children to find their “happy place”
-…and much, much more

For years we have been waiting for a book that can translate the power of inner peace into immediate, practical, and concrete results. You hold that book in your hands. Within these pages you will learn a simple yet startlingly effective process which will change your life forever. The best part is that anyone can do it…without special training. give it a try—you will be surprised at how quickly this process will work for you.

Dr. Frank J. Kinslow has been a chiropractic physician and a teacher for the Deaf. He is a Doctor of Clinical Spiritual Counseling and developer of the Quantum Entrainment process, a scientific procedure that promotes rapid healing. He is author of the best selling natural healing book, The Secret of Instant Healing. Frank is an international lecturer and teacher. His spirited workshops on Quantum Living are practical and inspiring. He resides in Sarasota, Florida, where he writes, ahs a private counseling practice, and teaches at Everglades University.