Pitango Double Alchemy Copper Ring, Tourmaline & Citrine

///Pitango Double Alchemy Copper Ring, Tourmaline & Citrine
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Pitango Double Alchemy Copper Ring, Tourmaline & Citrine


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Double sided Alchemy Ring by Pitango

Double Whammy~ two powerful stones blended into one amazingly unique piece of alchemical art by Pitango.  Receive protection of negative energies and grounding of  tourmaline.  Also enjoy the light and clearing of energy with the Citrine as you receive optimism, success, happiness and power.

See different angles of the ring below.

Sides of square are 5/8″.  Oval is 1/2″ x 5/8″.  This ring is much more comfortable than you might suspect. Small divets in the sides of the the ring allow other fingers to fit around it easily.

In stock

Product Description

Pitango Double Alchemy Copper Ring, Tourmaline & Citrine, Size 8

Carry the energy of both Tourmaline and Citrine, round and square, light and dark, with this unique Alchemy Copper double ring by Pitango.

He mounts each stone and amulet in pure solid silver, copper and gold bases, each crafted by hand and one of a kind.  The chosen metals represent distinct qualities; copper for purity and humbleness, gold for pure love, and silver as the Spirit metal.  When you wear a Pitango alchemy copper ring you feel the immensity of the Universe.  You may feel protected and loved.  You may feel power and confidence.  These rings are the magical medicine that connects you with the true essence of life and the very special tools to get to our primordial state in life: happiness.


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