Sound Healing Solfeggio Wind Chime Large


Sound Healing Solfeggio Wind Chime Large

The Sacred Solfeggio Wind Chime is based on 6 Solfeggio frequencies known as the Secret Solfeggio.These were discovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo using the ancient Pythagorean method of reducing the verse numbers to their single digit integers,the codes revealed a series 6 of electro-magnetic sound frequencies that correspond to the 6 missing tones of the ancient Solfeggio scale.

These original sound frequencies were used in Ancient Gregorian Chants. These chants and their special tones were believed to give tremendous spiritual blessings when sung in harmony during religious masses. These frequencies can now be produced with the help of these Sacred Solfeggio Wind chime.

This Wind chime is based on these 6 Solfeggio Frequencies

Ut=396 Hz (=9)(Ut quent laxis) For liberating guilt and fear
Re=417 Hz (=3)(Resonare fibris) For Facilitating Change & Support
Mi=528 Hz (=6)(Mira gestorum) For Transformation, Miracles and DNA
Fa=639 Hz (=9)(Famuli tuorum) For Connecting & Relationships
Sol=741 Hz (=3)(Solve polluti) For Awakening Intuition
La=852 Hz (=6)(Labii reatum) For Returning to Spirit


Sound Healing Solfeggio Wind Chime Large

Dimensions of Chimes:
Length of Chime (from top Ring to bottom Wind catcher) – 42 inches appx.
Diameter of each Pipe – 1 inch appx.

 Main features of this Healing Tuned Wind Chime

  • These are not ordinary wind chimes.
  • These are specialized wind chimes that are tuned to specific frequencies.
  • These are good for both decoration as well as for health benefits.
  • These have healing properties.
  • They are made from good quality heat treated Aluminium pipes.
  • They have a light wind catcher to give sound in low winds as well
  • The wooden pieces used in it are of good quality wood which is polished for a longer life.
How to produce sound in a Tuned Wind Chime
  • Nothing has to be done personally to produce sound in this item.
  • It moves with the natural movement of the wind.
  • It has been fitted with a light wind catcher to give sound in low winds as well.
Quality & Accuracy

Quality of Chimes mainly depends on 2 factors – type of material used and frequency accuracy. We never compromise on these two factors. With years of experience behind us, we are able to produce one of the finest Tuned Chimes available in the market especially for healing purpose. All our tuned chimes are made from special grade Aluminium alloy and frequency is guaranteed to tuned to an accuracy of +/- 0.05% which is very good healing grade accuracy.

Sometimes these may have multiple frequencies and tones.