Working with Crystal Grids

/Working with Crystal Grids

Working with Crystal Grids


Facilitated by Ann Klapstein, Reiki Master

This class is building. Call us with your interest and times that are perfect for you.

Crystal grids are fabulous energetic tools of focus for healing and manifesting desired outcomes.

Come gain the information you need to feel comfortable and confident in buiding grids and get hands-on interactive experience.


  • Different methods to Charge and cleanse your stones before and after using in your crystal grid.
  • How to find the best stones for your grids.
  • Use of sacred geometry.
  • Uses for crystal grids
  • To incorporate metals within the grid
  • To Focus your grid
  • Clarity of intention
  • Grid layouts
  • Different ways to charge your crystal grid.


Product Description

This class includes a Grid Club Membership which gives 10% off stone purchases.


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