Yoga Ganesh


Who is Ganesh and what does he remind me of?

Ganesha – Success

Happy and kind-hearted, he aids all who call upon him. Remover of obstacles and a terrific source to turn to when starting new projects. He often grants success in all endeavors. Ganesh is one of the most worshiped Deities of Hinduism – often described as a “God of scholarship” and a “God For Every Person”. Traditionally, Ganesha is depicted with the head of an elephant, and like an elephant, Ganesh clears a path for the life of the devotee. He teaches us to enjoy the beauty and simplicity in everyday life. Ganesha symbolizes intellect and wisdom. He is considered the Lord of good fortune and brings energy to the root chakra representing survival, procreation, and fortune.  His placement in your home or office symbolizes support, wisdom, good fortune and bestows an ability to overcome life’s obstacles.

Product Description

Yoga Genesh Pose

13″ H x 7″ D x 7″ W


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