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Healing Touch, Meridian Tapping, Sound Healing & More

Local Artists, Jewelry, Statuary, Stones, Wall Hangings, Kaleidoscopes and Meaningful Unique Gifts

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 Lake Chelan


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Monday - Saturday 10-5

Sunday - Closed in Winter

Sunday -12 -3   May-Sept


 PO BOX 2782, 215 E Woodin Ave

CHELAN, WA, 98816  


A space holding a warm honoring welcome

It's An Experience and "You" nique Gifts

We are deeply blessed to be completing our 12th year of energetically stewarding Spirals ~ a place of Light and Connection for the community.  We appreciate our local friends and those we have reconnected with from across the globe.

We are thrilled to be expanding our physical space to provide you with a greater variety of gifts, energy tools, class options and services here in Chelan, WA, USA.

THANK YOU!                   THANK YOU!                   THANK YOU!

for your continued support and acceptance of more Joy & Light on our sweet planet.

We support you in your path. 

BeverLi Joi

Enjoy our options to Stimulate your Intellect, Clear and Align your Energy Field and to expand your Spiritual Awareness through a variety of means available at Spirals.

Energy Modalities / Techniques:

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Healing Touch
  • Energy Balancing

Energy Tools:

  • Light Life Tools by Slim Spurling
  • Light Stream Quantum Infused pendants by David Sereda
  • Amethyst Far-Infrared BioMat
  • Personal Subtle Energy Scanner
  • Crystal Bowls

Energetic Concepts and Practices:

  • Matrix energetics - Bartlett
  • Quantum Entrainment - Kinslow
  • Quantum Jumping - Larson
  • Dimensional Shifting
  • Interplanetary Assistance

The purpose of Spirals is to simply be a light on your path, allowing for the recognition of your own divinity.

 SPIRALS offers a wide variety of mind, body, and spirit essentials.

We invite you to come and enjoy "a little peace of Lake Chelan" where you can shop, meditate, play the crystal singing bowls, have some Tea, share conversation, learn/teach, take a breath, and so much more.

One-of-a-kind items by individual artists with an attitude of healing and wholeness are included in our Products .

Extremely talented facilitators, local and world renoun, offer classes, workshops , special events and sessions.

Spirals offers Transformational Experiences through guidance, including alternative healing modalities and cutting-edge energy tools.




Take a journey if you wish,

going deep inside,

To discover your core ~ who you really are ~ and why you are here NOW.

Enjoy the recognition of True Self and Oneness.

And enjoy the adventure outward,

expressing that deep knowing into creative action in the world.

We are honored to have you with us.


BeverLi & Patti


SPIRALS, PO Box 2782, 215 E Woodin, Chelan, WA 98816


This site and our shops house a variety of healing tools, alternative modalities, vibrational medicine, energy medicine, crystal singing bowls, beautiful gifts, alter and home decor' and information for chakra balancing, spiritual growth and enlightenment. Realizing that each of us finds our passion, joy, balance and enlightenment through different paths, one is through the Law of Attraction Abraham-Hicks teachings-- we collect esoteric items from all over the world that include cd's, crystal bowls, tuning forks, color, candles, incense, StatuesFigurinesLocal Artwork, Jewelry, tactile and energetic experiences. We have broad resources for you to draw upon to encourage mindfulness. Our wish for you is one of health, balance and wholeness, remembering who you are and why you are here.

We offer a variety of Services and tools for wellness including the Bio Mat, Electromagnetic Therapy Devices, Slim Spurling's Light Life Energy Tools, David Sereda's Light Stream Quantum Communication Vibrational Infused Jewelry, Sound Healing and Vibrational Medicine, Local Herbal Remedies, Antioxidant Chocolates, Supplements, Negative Ion Producing Himalayan Salt Lamps and Misting Fountains, Magnetic Copper Bracelets and Miscelaneous Tools. We have unique and beautiful jewelry including Locally made gemstone necklaces, Diamond and gemstone rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and sets, as well as essential oil pendants, and silver jewelry from home and abroad. We even have some healing jewelry, with copper and magnets, quantum vibrational infusion, or light life energy technology. We have special Gifts for yourself and your loved ones, inlcuding leather journals, stones and crystals inspirational figurines, spiritual statuary fantasy and animal statuary from Windstone Editions, raku pottery, meditating garden animal satues, wish nests and wine accessories, graphite pencil drawing objects, beaded dragons, wallhangings, canvas paintings, underwater, nocturnal and other photography, metal wall hangings, stained glass, tapestries and throw blankets, dazzling butterflies and dragonflies, porcelain nightlights and lamps, wall banners and prayer flags, fluid kaleidoscopes,dancing helix, locally crafted meditation stools, local wood carvings and incense powered meditation timers, books, greeting cards from local, and other wonderful artists, Musical instruments of the world, including singing crystal bowls,tuned wind chimes and ,shanti carillion chimes, and marvelous energy tools and books guiding in Universal, Galactic and Cosmic energy relationships. Discover and Enjoy your Transformational Process as you Experience calmness, relaxation and stress relief in our space and in the pages of this website.  Join us while expanding into Infinite Possibilities at Spirals.

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