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All the UPDATED Quantum Pendants include the  Holographic Pyramid frequencies combining all four sides of the pyramid for an expanded version,  the Sound of the Sun from NASA, Tachyon energy and Resurrection frequencies of 153 Hz & 154 Hz. In addition, some also include the Rainbow Body frequencies of 72 colors.

Purchase of a pendant will include an audio download of the frequencies that are in the pendant.

Testimonial: My pendant arrived on Monday. I LOVE IT!  The Beautiful energy was super intense at first!  It did not take long to get used to. I am now wearing it 24/7.  I was able to tune in and project my chakras last night for the first time in 4 years! It is already aiding me to such a degree that I cannot put into words! Bless you for providing such powerful tools! With Sincere Gratitude, RB