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You Asked. You’re Open. You Are Ready.~~~~~~~~~~You’ve been Guided. It feels Right!~~~~~~~~~You may have just stepped into your next phase of expansion.

An Expanded Version! If you’ve been drawn to explore these beautiful Life Stream Quantum pendants there are three things to consider:
*Which design would you like? Use your intuition to know which one would be if the most benefit to you. The designs that have the most silver and stones tend to hold the higher frequencies. More is not necessarily better, it depends on what’s appropriate for you, so pay attention to your own guidance.
*Next, you may choose the stone that most resonates with you. For your left brain information on the properties of the stones are described with each pendant.
*Finally you will get to choose which programs you would like to have programmed into your pendant. The basic programs that are already in the pendants are Sound of the Sun from NASA. Tachyon energy, and the Holographic Pyramid. Other program(s) may be added as desired. Again it is our opinion that asking for and trusting your own guidance as to which programs will serve you best is how to make your decision.
We are easily reached by the phone and we’re happy to discuss any of your questions and eager for you to get the perfect pendant for you. You may also find the perfect chain to go with your pendants at under the jewelry section of this site.
Due to high demand, unless you see “IN STOCK”, it may take up to 3 months for you to receive your pendant.  We will keep you informed on when you can expect your fine quantum pendant.

To learn more about David Sereda’s Light Stream Quantum Vibrational Pendants and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-tUHOB87lI

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