Trinity Amethyst Light Stream Quantum Pendant

Trinity Amethyst Light Stream Quantum Pendant


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Amethyst Light Stream Quantum Pendant

This Amethyst Light Stream Trinity design reflects the Toroid shape of a Galaxy and its 3 spiral arms.

Amethyst helps one to grow spiritually and enhances feelings of tranquility and contentedness and enlightenment. It is a warm, peaceful and invigorating stone.  Aids in dropping unwanted habits, addictive behaviors. Heals on all levels. Lifts depression.

It is expected that this amethyst Light Stream Quantum Pendant will allow you to run your energy in a more organized and beneficial way. Results may range from clearer intuitive insights, higher physical stamina, improved health to overall higher joy in life. Join the many who are experiencing this asset in their lives

Spirals sells the complete line of sacred quantum Pendants. Designed by David Sereda, the quantum pendants are designed by a jeweler then infused with proprietary Quantum Energy Vibration Technology chambers. These chambers infuse the frequencies of Tachyon energy (faster than light energies), The Sacred Tree of Life, the actual NASA frequency of the Sound of the Sun, sacred geometrics and chambers that activate harmonic fields of energy in the pendant.
The human body sends signals of energy in the form of negative and positive ions from the brain through the nervous systems to our organs and our muscles and 5 senses. Our body is an electrical system. Our electrical charge and distribution of energy can get weakened for various reasons, which can cause a decline in our strength, balance and health.
Hundreds of people have been scientifically tested for body voltage. Consistently, the data shows persons with health issues or low energy have low voltage. Wearing the stone pendant increases body voltage to much more holistic levels. The Source pendant multiplies energy, on average, by a factor of 2 to 5 but can go as high as 10 times depending on a persons base line. Levels above Source, pendants wrapped with silver and/or gold, raise the body voltage and frequency by a factor of 3 to 12 times, depending on the persons base line.

To see further information about these pendants please see this catalog by David Sereda. (prices are outdated, but info is good)

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Upon request additional programs may be added to this design.

Available on backorder


 Amethyst Light Stream Quantum Pendant with Trinity Design

If you’ve been drawn to explore this beautiful Amethyst Life Stream Quantum pendant there are three things to consider:

*Which design would you like? Use your intuition to know which one would be if the most benefit to you. The designs that have the most silver and stones tend to hold the higher frequencies. More is not necessarily better, it depends on what’s appropriate for you, so pay attention to your own guidance.
*Next, you may choose the stone that most resonates with you. For your left brain information on the properties of the stones are described with each pendant.
*Finally you will get to choose which programs you would like to have programmed into your pendant. The basic programs that are already in the pendants are Sound of the Sun from NASA. Tachyon energy, Tree of Life Energy, sacred harmonic codes and sacred geometry. Other program(s) may be added as desired. Again it is our opinion that asking for and trusting your own guidance as to which programs will serve you best is how to make your decision.
We are easily reached by the phone and we’re happy to discuss any of your questions and eager for you to get the perfect pendant for you. You may also find the perfect chain to go with your pendants at under the jewelry section of this site.
If you see “Out of Stock” it simply means it may take some time to get, but it is still available for purchase. We will keep you informed on when you can expect your fine quantum pendant.

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