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Inspirational Wall Hangings | Prayer Flags | Affirmation Banners

Inspirational wall hangings in your environment invite feelings of comfort and joy by just a glance.  Welcome these enlightening and uplifting messages into your home!  Scroll down to view our selection of affirmation banners and see which jumps out at you.  Sweet messages of love, magic, peace, joy, wisdom, prosperity and more.  The Tibetan word for prayer flags is Dar Cho.  “Dar” means to increase life, fortune, health & wealth.  “Cho” means all sentient beings.  Prayer flags are natural devices that, when coupled with the natural energy of the wind quietly harmonize the environment, impartially creating happiness and good fortune among all beings everywhere.  Set your intent and enjoy sharing the energy of your intentions with the wind as it carries your desires to be manifest.  A wonderful and magical gift for yourself or a loved one that benefits the entire neighborhood- its a win win!