Magic Affirmation Banner

  • Magic Affirmation banner, beautiful, silky-soft, printed in full vivid color on sheer, flowing knit polyester. Looks like silk, durable and long-lasting.

Magic Affirmation Banner


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Magic Affirmation Banner

Hang this Magic Affirmation Banner anywhere you would like to remind yourself of the incredible gifts you have been given and of all the gifts that you are open and ready to receive.  State your acceptance of the belief in magic!

This Magic Affirmation banner is beautiful and silky-soft, printed in full vivid color on sheer, flowing knit polyester.  It looks like silk and are durable and long-lasting. Wooden pole at bottom and top with a string for easy hanging indoors or outdoors.

Beautiful uplifting artwork with spiritual and inspirational themes are great for your office, kitchen, meditation room, or other surprising places.  And these roll up into a tiny package that is easily mailed to a friend in need~ share the goodness with this or other meaningful affirmation flags.

6″ x 24″

Available on backorder

Product Description

Magic Affirmation Banner

This magic affirmation banner has beautiful uplifting artwork with spiritual and inspirational themes. Brighten up your room and your life with something so simple and easy.  So light weight it can be hung with a straight pin.

  • 6″ x 24″
  • Durable knit polyester
  • Pole at top and bottom
  • String for hanging

So many possibilities to remind yourself of where you want your focus to be!  Here are a couple more~ Zen Meditating Animal Statues bring a variety of special qualities to your life.  Inspiriters bring amazing color and quirky ambiance to the intention of choice.  Have fun with life!


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