Archangel Michael Vibrational Mist

Archangel Michael Vibrational Mist


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Archangel Michael Vibrational Mist

Mighty and powerful in the ways of the Lord,  Michael comes to set us free from pain, fear, and old stories, opening our hearts to the truth of the amazing beings that we are . Michael awakens our memory of truth. We are powerful Children of the Most High! Wise, abundant, loving, and creative. We are entitled to love, respect and support. Michael’ls Solar Plexus Activation opens a base of Trust, Safety and Connection so we can personally experience the Divine Presence that is with us always. Michael said, “I am the power of Truth. I come to shine the light of truth into the darkness of illusion My sword is razor-sharp honesty slashing away false concepts, beliefs and self images to reveal your magnificent Self. My orb is the presence of truth – self-realization manifest in you. While my armor and sword may seem harsh, I am the champion of your true Being. At times, a savage slaughter of illusion is necessary to awaken you to truth. Underlying this force is the tenderest love I protect your true Being with fierce devotion and a tender embrace.” Invite Archangel Michael to Activate your Divine Heritage of safety and trust.

This is a Symphony of Heavenly Vibration in a bottle Blessed by Archangel Michael.


Archangel Michael Vibrational Mist

Angel means “divine messenger”.  Michael has been with us humans always, guiding and loving us. Each Archangel anchors a unique quality of the Divine into our manifested sworld. They bring guidance, comfort, wisdom, resources, love, synergistic meetings with other people who have what we need or want what we offer, everything! When we invite them to support us, mountains move and miracles happen.

How to connect with Archangel Michael:

Center yourself, bring your intention to call forth the angel and receive the energy aligned with that angel. Mist the Sound Essence above your head and enjoy entering the quiet presence of love.

Contents: 60 ml


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