EFT Private Session

EFT Private Session


60 minutes

EFT is short for Emotional Freedom Technique. It’s often called “tapping.” Using both acupressure and affirmations, it calms your energy channels and brings healing to the body. Lose weight, reduce or eliminate pain,  increase self-confidence, improve relationships, remove phobias and addictions, recover from trauma, discover your passion.  EFT is easy and often works where nothing else will.  It is one of the most powerful self-empowerment tools out there.  With each session you will identify ,unlock, and  clear out aspects that have been holding you back from living life fully.  Expect results.


Product Description

Private Sessions may be scheduled with BeverLi or Crystal. You may also choose to enjoy the Integrative Healing Session which includes EFT.

EFT is highly effective for overwhelm, depression, shame, the not-good-enough feeling, hopelessness and many types of pain.

While we are not a scientists, and do not even pretend to understand the detailed physiological reasons behind why Emotional Freedom Techniques work the way they do, we are trained to observe emotional responses as they happen and am able to follow the energy of thoughts, emotions and release.  We observe the physiological responses in others and myself.  We notice the difference in clarity, stability, strength, comfort and peace.  Eventually we often hear laughter around issues that were huge and unmanageable before new understanding, clear energy flow and alignment.

We are such amazing creatures with highly developed unconscious minds that protect us to no end from what is just too much in the moment to deal with. We begin to tuck these insecurities, fears, guilt away when we are babies, and some believe even pre-birth. When we do this, our system begins to get clogged….that’s a technical term…..with energy that cannot flow as designed.  We become compromised and must work extra hard to function, sometimes developing disease and discomfort from the redirection or stagnation of energy  flow through our physical and energetic bodies.

In an EFT session, or at home, we access specific emotional states while we tap the gamut of meridian points, opening the flow and we begin to allow energy to flow in the pattern it was designed to flow.  This creates new strength.  We begin to breath.  We can feel tingles in our bodies that are waking up to who we really are, and we release and dissolve the patterns that were constructed so very long ago.

We begin with the Karate chop point.  All the meridians go out the fingers and the small intestine meridian runs through this part of the hand.  While we are tapping this place we will be stating the problem, and we’ll be appreciating ourselves and discovering what we would rather have in lieu of the problem.


The Eyebrow point is the bladder meridian, outside of the eyebrow – gallbladder, under the eye-stomach, under the nose-governing, under the mouth-central, collar bone-kidney, under the arm-spleen. The top of the head is not one particular point, although the head has many meridian points. You can tap anywhere on the top of the head (especially spots that feel tender) and you are opening up the Crown Chakra, reconnecting spiritually, and “anchoring in” the new balance and alignment from the EFT round you just completed.


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